(( Sorry in advance, I’m not really all too great when it comes to words and such ;;

3000 followers?!! Never would I ever believe I’d be making a post like this, but thank you guys so very much!!

I’ll try and think of something to do for you guys soon [ fall break is in like… three weeks, so I’ll probably do something then (‘: ]

I know I’m not the best Naegi cosplayer, but really, THANK YOU all for sticking with me anyways. You guys are just beyond amazing and ahhh!! ;A; //gosh, I’m super duper sappy and could make a HUGE post about how much you guys have helped me and really motivated me and stuff, but I’ll save that for another day (‘: ))

Hello Naegi-kun.

Oh, Kirigiri!! Hello there!! (-:

Hello Naegi-kun.

Oh, Kirigiri!! Hello there!! (-:

My um… my internet history? … 

UMMM, what internet history?

It definitely doesn’t have anything relating to cup noodles or Maizono on it, if that’s what you’re thinking.

"Give me hope."



"I am glad you want me to give you some…but the best person for the job is askirlnaegi.”


I dunno if I’d say I’m the best person for the job, but I can gladly give you some if you’d like!!

Naegi: Oh my gosh, are you okay?!! I’ve got a band-aid right here!! //I’m not too sure how I made you fall, but I’m really sorry!!

Monokuma: Really? Are you serious? This time, I’m the one done with YOU, upupupu.

Naegi: W-wait… what just happened here?


Hello, I’m Naegi Makoto!
look at me, so stylish in my hoodie and blazer!
i sure do HOPE i don’t wet anymore beds!

//how did i do, flawless, right? upupupupu~


Really? You’re doing this again? //two can play at this game.



Hey guys! Junko Enoshima here! (-; <33

I’m currently in a relationship with DESPAIR, so boys you can look, but you can’t touch (-; <33 

PS: I also enjoy doing REALLY bad impressions of my classmates (-; <33

Um… you uh… don’t have to do that? //what does that even mean, exactly?

Um, actually you’ve got that wrong!! Kids should- um, hang on a second- everyone should always hope!!