I actually don’t think frying eggs is a good idea. I mean, for all we know, they could be bombs or something!!

((//Yeahhh… I’ve got that wrong.))

Oooooo~ I’m gonna go and scare people!! Okay okay, just joking!!

But no really, I think we’re all getting together and having a little party!! At least… I THINK that was the plan… maybe??

((//kids, don’t procrastinate.))

W-wait… marry me?? But I don’t even know you, Anon… and I’m a little young for that sorta thing. Though, I’m sure you’re probably a really great person and all!! 

(( It’s not Dangan Ronpa, but you’re a little late, because this pinata already did that//photo by: mint-chai ))


[[I'm sorry b ut I CANT EVEN YOURE SO CUTE YOURE BASICALLY HOW I'D SEE NAEGI WERE HE REAL WELL I MEAN I GUESS THAT'S THE POINT BUT *Souda Screaming sprite* but anyway im sorry ur just perfect okay.

(( Ahh, you’re WAY too sweet, like ahh ;A; //ahhh I’m way far away from perfect, but ahh thank you for the wonderfully sweet compliment, like WOW!! ))

Naegi: Well it would probably be-

Monokuma: Does it involve Kirigiri and cup noodles? Upupupu~??

Naegi: N-NO!!

Uh… what?? Sorry Anon, there’s nothing to ride here. 

(( This is weird. ))