That’s right, Anon!! Don’t lose hope!! //I’m no SHSL doctor or anything, but maybe this heart can help fix yours (-:

//Boats made me laugh, and Monokuma wasn’t too happy about that.

Well…I’m not really all too knowledgeable when it comes to boats- OH. You’re talking about…. THOSE kind of ships. I don’t really have any ships… I mean, isn’t that sorta weird to pair your friends and stuff??

Between you and me though, I don’t really think Togami likes me all that much soooooo.

Naegi and Monokuma: Yeah. 

Um… can I take these off now??

Naegi: My man crush? WAIT, WHAT?!-

Monokuma: Kill someone and I’ll tell you, upupupu (-;

//Hey guys, it’s Friday!! (-:

Sorry, I don’t have any hearts other than my own!! O-: